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Use the detection principle of infrared scanning to measure the body temperature of the human body and measure the body surface temperature at any time. It only takes 0.1 seconds to measure the response time, and the measured temperature can be displayed on the screen, with a beep notification function.


Combining the latest measurement technology ITS and infrared sensing methods, it can quickly measure the oxygen content and heart rate in human blood in a non-invasive manner. Its function has long-term monitoring and alarms, and has high accuracy, reliability and portability. Convenience, suitable for hospitals, clinics, first aid and home care.


The sports blood oxygen concentration device has passed the waterproof and drop test. It has a large-size LCD high-brightness screen, and has an automatic backlight shut-off function. The alarm function of blood oxygen value and heartbeat value can be preset. The alarm can be sounded and flashed.



High accuracy. The large LED display has a clear value. It can quickly measure heartbeat and blood oxygen level. The alarm function of blood oxygen value and heartbeat value can be set. Quickly measure the heartbeat value. Built-in thermal printing function.


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