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​Company Profile

Comdek was founded by Dr. Kuo in 1985. In the early age of Comdek, the core business was primarily IT-focused, and the business footprint across Asia, Europe, and the Americas. In the early 1990s, the impact of the global economic contraction made Comdek invested across other industries that have high entry barriers and high value adds.

Comdek entered the medical industry in 1992 and built a medical R&D team in the same year. In 1996, the team successively launched the first homegrown blood oximeter in Taiwan; in 1997, the team introduced the world's first, patent-protected non-contact ear thermometer using thermocouples sensors; in 2005, the team announced a sidestream non-invasive carbon dioxide (CO2) measurement technology.

Comdek is an internationally certified manufacturer with GMP, ISO 9001, ISO 13485, etc. Our products have repeatedly won Taiwan Excellence Award, R&D Innovation Award, and Pharmaceutical Technology Development Award. Our core technologies have been cited by academia around the globe.

With 30 years of industrial experience, Comdek has been focusing on cross-functional integration, expanding our global footprints, advancing core technologies, developing innovative business models, and becoming a reliable partner in the global medical industry supply chain.

Glass Buildings
​Business philosophy

Comdek's philosophies are "Honesty" and "People-oriented", which is also the core value of driving the company's sustainable operation. The purpose of enterprises is not simply to make profits, but also to be responsible citizens. Comdek's management team values social responsibilities more than advancing technologies since day one. Our mission is to integrate innovative technologies and clinical medicine to develop a series of intelligent medical devices to provide better care for human beings.

Technological innovation

Comdek was the first domestic design and manufacturer of blood oximeters in the 1990s. Its core technology is integrating optoelectronics and clinical medicine, which brings better medical care to humans. We believe the unmet clinical needs can be addressed by the technology evolution. Hence, we utilize non-invasive measurement technologies, clinical big data analysis, and sophisticated algorithms to drive intelligent medical technology innovation, which applies to in-hospital respiratory care, emergency, ICU, and smart home care platforms.

Business Performance

Comdek has been developing new products based on market feedback, and technological innovation. Comdek has been developing the global channel and markets with "COMDEK" own brand. Comdek has been building partnerships with integrity and mutual-beneficial philosophy. The operating results have been reflected in the international market share, brand reliability, and product competitive advantage.

The vision of the medical and healthcare Revolution  

COMDEK has been investing in the research and development of non-invasive physiological measurement technology for a long time as an auxiliary diagnosis and care. In the face of the structural changes in the global population and the medical needs arising from the post-epidemic era, we will combine the measurement technology accumulated in the past, through the use of miniaturized devices and artificial intelligence, to construct a digital medical care platform, which will become an important part of precision medicine and preventive medicine. As part of COMDEK development in the next ten years.

COMDEK Technologies History 


launch Pulse Oximeter Technology


launch Instant Thermometer Technology


launch NIBP Technology


launch Sidestream Capnography
Technology and portable EtCo2 Monitor


launch Portable Patient Monitor at EMS market


launch Sleeping Diagnostic System


launch Multifunction Patient Monitor at EMS market


launch Mainstream Capnography Technology

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