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HD-21 Doc.Themo,
(Ear Thermometer )


This product uses the detection principle of infrared scanning to measure the body temperature of the human body. The measurement response time is only 0.1 seconds, that is, the temperature is displayed on the screen, and there is a "beep" notification function. Continuous measurement can be performed without standby time, saving time and accuracy, and battery power can reach 5000 times. It is measured at room temperature from 5C to 40C, and the measurable temperature range can reach 20C to 50C. The temperature of the forehead can be measured using a non-contact method.

▪ Department of Health Medical Device No. 001654

This picture is for display and consultation purposes only. In accordance with the provisions of the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law of the Republic of China, medical equipment products cannot be sold on the Internet.


Technical Specifications

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