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    ​ Job Openings At The Management Department

    ​ Administrative Assistant

Assist the supervisor in various administrative matters. By arranging supervisor schedules, filling in the plan list, processing information needs, making data reports, arranging conferences, receiving customer visits, maintaining records management, completing file filing and other tasks, we can comprehensively complete high-quality administrative management from many aspects. .



  1. Assist the manager of the administrative department to complete the company's administrative affairs and the daily affairs of the department

  2. Assist in reviewing and revising the company’s various management rules and regulations, organizing and managing daily administrative work

  3. Supervision and implementation of various rules and regulations

  4. Participate in company performance management, attendance and other work

  5. Execution of company management

  6. Assist the manager of the administrative department in housekeeping and safety management, and provide timely and effective administrative services to other departments

  7. Meeting arrangement: prepare well before the meeting, record the meeting and organize the content after the meeting

  8. Responsible for the sending and receiving and delivery of company express mail and fax

  9. Participate in company administration and procurement management

  10. Responsible for the collection and distribution of office supplies in various departments of the company

  11. Do a good job in material collection, file management, document drafting, document formulation, document sending and receiving, etc.

  12. Liaison and reception of relevant external departments, internal reception of visits, answering calls, answering inquiries and transmitting information

  13. Assist in handling interview reception, meetings, training, organization and arrangement of company group activities, holiday condolences, etc.

  14. Assist the manager of the administration department to do a good job of coordination between the various departments of the company

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    ​ Treasury Assistant

Control inventory materials, manage receipts and storage, coordinate production and delivery schedules, assist in planning cross-departmental material circulation and record inventory changes


  1. Regularly count the materials, and mark and place the materials in the correct position. It is necessary to explain to the relevant personnel to make it easy to use

  2. Regularly track and review whether the inventory and records are complementary to each other for damage, if not, find out the reason

  3. Clean inventory, tools, equipment or storage rooms regularly to ensure compliance with safety regulations and inventory safety

  4. Whether the warehouse goods and materials are in and out of management products are consistent with purchase requisitions, invoices and other vouchers

  5. Record the purchase in the account book or card

  6. Delivery of goods and packaging of finished products

  7. Issue items and apply for replenishment for insufficient items

  8. Foreign affairs management


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    ​ Purchasing assistant


  1. Assist the supervisor to formulate the procurement process and related operation forms

  2. Supplier maintenance and management, maintain good relations with good suppliers

  3. Assist in the inquiry of purchase documents and the work of placing orders

  4. Track samples

  5. Assist in cost analysis and inventory control

  6. Arrange factory purchase and export operations

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