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COMDEK Central Station Makes Nursing Stations More Efficient And Flexible

COMDEK Central Station Improves Service quality

Under the impact of the epidemic, the number of patients in hospitals has not only increased sharply, but it is also necessary to reduce contact between diagnosis and treatment. Massive changes are new challenges in post COVID. With flexibility can help you quickly respond to the changes. Use remote diagnosis, and artificial intelligence can support medical staffs make the most immediate judgments and make our goals.

As an aged society arrives, many patients require intensive care in hospitals and/or long-term care. A new design of patient care needs to be considered from different aspects, including cost, service volume, and quality. Comdek Central Station can easier reach, improving efficiency, reducing costs, and adapting to the future!

Central Station 
New option for long-term- and remote- care

  • Real-time communication, cooperation, and manage of medical information

  • Carry out medical care such as diagnosis, treatment and consultation

  • Easier to work together and control decision-making

Visual Analysis
We use data to deep dive the problems

  • Provide complete data integration and statistical analysis

  • Deep dive in users' conditions and able to customize the display 

  • Quickly use statistical functions for analysis

  • Make data analysis easy to use and compare

Database Management 
Access and easily share files anytime, anywhere

  • Every account can enjoy reading data

  • Central station, mobile phone, tablet, can see the measurement data in real-time

  • Continuously protect your files through cloud backup

  • Designed specifically for medical institutions, only allow people with permission to open files to protect personal information

Advanced threat protection
Protect medical secrets, and absolutely check every asset

cyber security illo Getty Images 917566410.jpeg
  • Automatically block unknown malicious code and links in files

  • Detect and prevent threats such as "zero-day attacks" to protect the information security of the organization

  • Monitor user behavior and record abnormal situations

  • Prevent unknown risks

AI-assisted work
More accurate prediction

  • AI will automatically help you find the key details that you need to pay attention to, allowing you to diagnose and treat quickly and make quick decision

  • AI can integrate different feature data and produce corresponding insight charts

Choose the plan that suits your organization

Further, understand Comdek central station version of the content, compare according to your needs, purchase or free trial

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Big return on small investment

With an afforable cost, you can have real-time information. Auto-update central station's software version to keep the data safe and easy to control.

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Customize your own layout

To meet the customer's different perspective, our service provides professional support, allowing you to customize the layout to meet different needs and get great convenience

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 Specialist for you

If you have questions about purchasing Comdek Central Station online, or want to know more about Comdek Central Station products, we are happy to answer any questions for you

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