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MD-670P Portable Oximeter


MD-670P (Oximeter) portable blood oxygen concentration monitor is mainly based on the non-invasive principle to measure the oxygen content in the blood and the heart rate. Sp02 (Pulsating Oxygen Heme Saturation) is an indicator of the oxygen content in the patient's blood.

In% (percentage) as the unit. Pulse (beat rate) is the number of heartbeats per minute of the patient, in bpm (beats per minute). In addition to the numerical display, the waveform can be displayed on the liquid crystal display, which is convenient for the user to recognize the signal quality and the intuition of observation. Built-in AC and DC voltage regulator circuit and charging circuit, you can choose AC and DC transformer or rechargeable battery as the power source. It has 72 hours of numerical memory and Trend (trend line) function, and can use SmartLinkI application software and USB interface to transfer data to a personal computer for data observation and analysis.

▪ Department of Health Medical Device No. 001655

This picture is for display and consultation purposes only. In accordance with the provisions of the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law of the Republic of China, medical equipment products cannot be sold on the Internet.


Technical Specifications


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