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    ​ Warranty Notice

1. The warranty period of this product:

  1. The warranty period is based on the warranty expiration date stated in the warranty book. However, if it is less than one year from the date of purchase of this product to the expiration date of the warranty, or the warranty does not record the expiration date of the warranty, the warranty period is one year from the date of purchase of this product.

  2. If the warranty does not record the warranty expiration date or has been altered, or if the preceding paragraph is less than one year, and you do not have the relevant purchase certificate to prove the date of purchase, the warranty period is one year from the date of import of this product.

  3. The company determines the warranty period based on the relevant purchase vouchers (such as invoices, receipts) and product warranty for your purchase of this product. Please be sure to keep the relevant purchase vouchers properly to ensure your rights.

  4. In order to ensure your rights and benefit for our company to provide comprehensive warranty service, please visit our website within 10 days after purchasing this product Completely fill in your personal and product-related information, complete the online login and registration.


2. The warranty scope of this product is within the warranty period, and the product is used normally, if there are the following situations, it is not covered by the warranty service of this product:

  1. Those who fail to follow the specifications of this product, the contents of the manual, or use this product improperly.

  2. Disassemble, repair, add accessories, alter the product body, update non-Comdek software, or modify or adjust the circuit and mechanical structure of this product. 3. Parts, accessories and accessories that are naturally worn out or consumables, such as batteries, magnetic heads, lamps, software, chargers/holders, cables and power transformers, etc.


3. During the warranty period, the product can be used normally according to the user manual, and the company provides free maintenance services for natural failures, but in the following circumstances, the company may charge materials and labor fees at its discretion:

  1. The product warranty information is incomplete or false.

  2. The product is damaged due to irresistible natural disasters, earth changes and man-made disasters.

  3. Use of original consumables, accessories, or consumables that are not in conformity with the model that are not imported, manufactured or sold by our company, causing damage to the product.

  4. Adjustments, maintenance, repairs that are not within the scope of the product warranty, or damage to the product that is not the product itself (the company may charge for the cost of maintenance work hours).

  5. The product is damaged due to your failure to use the product normally.

  6. Clean up the dirt.


4. During the warranty period and within the scope of the product warranty, if parts are discontinued, our company can replace them with compatible parts of other models, or provide replacement services with models of the same level.


5. When the product needs to be repaired, maintained or adjusted, please contact our company's "Comdek customer service" (do not disassemble any parts by yourself to avoid other damage), and send it to the nearest authorized repair manufacturer.


6. If you do not have a product warranty, your rights and interests will be affected. Please keep your product warranty (even if the warranty period has expired) so that you can enjoy a more complete after-sales service. If it is missing. It will not be reissued if it is damaged.

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