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MD-830 Portable Patient Monitor


Measure blood oxygen concentration (SpO2), blood pressure (NIBP), heartbeat (Pulse), electrocardiogram (EKG).

MD-830 portable color Patient monitor, with easy to carry, lightweight, 5.7 large color silver, provides S2NIBP, lse, EKG and other multi-parameter physiological measurement equipment, and also provides accurate, fast, alarm and real-time display characteristics Physiological signals are presented synchronously and completely by waveforms and numbers, as an important basis for medical staff to judge and monitor. MD-830 is to strengthen the test and assist the judgment of medical staff, especially to increase the function of Trend, combined with its own 200-hour memory capacity, will measure and monitor

The test records are completely displayed on the screen, and SmartLink software can also be selected to connect to the computer for statistics, analysis, and complete report output functions. On the whole, MD-830 is a comprehensive design, which is widely used in medical institutions, emergency rescue, home care, etc. At the same time, it can provide optional wireless transmission interface according to the needs of medical care or home care, combined with software as a medical hospital Advanced functions for monitoring and remote home care.


▪ Department of Health Medical Device No. 002916

This picture is for display and consultation purposes only. In accordance with the provisions of the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law of the Republic of China, medical equipment products cannot be sold on the Internet.

Technical Specifications

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