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MD-810 Portable Patient Monitor


Measure blood oxygen concentration (SpO2), blood pressure (NIBP), heartbeat (Pulse) and temperature (optional) .

MD-810 portable professional blood pressure blood oxygen patient monitor it provides accurate, fast, easy-to-operate man-machine interface and easy-to-interpret large LED display subtitles. It has 72-hour memory, alarms, alarm presets and prompts, and one-button operation automatic measurement functions. The built-in preset values can be adjusted as needed, as a 24-hour intermittent automatic measurement, which is completely recorded in the memory. At the same time, the exclusive Smart Link can be connected to the computer through the USB output interface, which is used as the measurement of all physiological parameters in the monitoring process and the time-corresponding relationship, which is completely displayed, as the data analysis and statistics of the disease benefit monitoring process.

MD-810 is designed to combine fixed and portable considerations, providing AC and DC dual-use and replaceable battery boxes and optional car chargers for long-distance emergency rescue. On the whole, MD-810 is a comprehensive and indispensable physiological measurement device for hospitals, clinics, first aid and home care.


▪ Department of Health Medical Device No. 002916

This picture is for display and consultation purposes only. In accordance with the provisions of the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law of the Republic of China, medical equipment products cannot be sold on the Internet.


Technical Specifications



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