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Capnography Monitor

End-tidal CO2 or EtCO2 is used to detect the concentration of capnographyin the breath to determine vital signs. It can be an important tool to ensure the best, high-quality chest compressions during cardiac resuscitation. It is often used as an essential equipment for emergency medical treatment and long-term monitoring. Comdek uses end-tidal Capnography monitoring values to distinguish the exhaled capnography (EtCO2) and respiration rate (Respiration Rate) of the lungs, to determine the position of the intubation, and to assist physicians in assessing the depth and effectiveness of extracardiac massage compressions.



Multifunctional patient monitor, including measuring blood oxygen concentration (SpO2), blood pressure (NIBP), heartbeat (Pulse Rate), capnography (EtCO2), respiratory rate (RR).

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